Stoke City – Liverpool FC 0:3

Liverpool has confirmed that he has been very good at the bet365 Stadium over the last few years, and he has earned points for the fourth time. Stoke City has failed mainly in the offensive, and for the first time since the September match with Chelsea did not score a single goal. Sadie Mané was the one who took the lead, and Mohamed Salah scored twice.

It was obvious that the players had a good line of play for the second time. After a very lukewarm start, he almost got his first serious chance. Solanki, the only typical tip Reds in the disposition of 4-2-3-1, poked the ball in the penalty area on Maného, ​​he had to quickly decide how to end, and made it exceedingly. With a gentle curve, he crossed goalkeeper Grant.

Liverpool was otherwise a slightly better team. The home defending against the well-organized defense of their opponents for a very long time could not have enforced, perhaps only Shaqiri with his left hand threatened the goal of Mignolet. But there was certainly more Grant on hand. In the 28th minute he was eliminated by the Oxlada-Chamberlain attempt and then by Solanke.

In 43 minutes wards coach Jürgen Klopp to increase their lead on the shooting list could re-enroll Mané, in a good position, however, only hit the post. In the second act, the Potters did little to improve. But even so, Liverpool defended a tight lead without much trouble. Even though he did not even make an attack in the attack, he did not even need it.

48 minutes into the match, the weather was pretty good. The ball was worked out at sixteen by Allen, who fired the ball right away, but Lovren was stubborn, but the gentle flow of his attempt went back to mystery. In the 69th minute it was again Allen, who could have stood behind Stoke, but only in a tumbling position near the penalty mark just overpowered.

Conclusion of this encounter was LFC, which secured with two precise interventions of his victory. Mané had an excellent opportunity after 77 minutes, shooting after receiving a pass from the right hand side, but he missed the goal by miles! At 83 minutes, the Egyptian rejoiced again, punishing the hustle of Becker Pieters, who literally grew him to score.

Manchester City – Southampton FC 2:1

Manchester City eventually extended the winning streak to 12 matches, but it was overwhelming. De Orion, Romeo, replied to De Bruyne’s lead, so the Citizens had to make a decisive decision by Raheem Sterling in the sixth minute of the set.

City has been more active from the start as expected, but this time they did not get to the dangerous opportunities as often as they wished. After twelve minutes, Forster frightened Fernandinho, but his long shot wounded a short distance away. On the other hand, Bertrand reached the top of Hoedt’s corner and Betclic online betting deals headed Ederson’s goal. After twenty minutes, De Bruyne called for Fernandinho to score, but his shot from the edge of the penalty area was not enough.

Agueero’s 25th minute was the best chance of the first half, which made it very easy for the referee to make a reflexive step. Gündogan was then sent to the finish line, but only from the advantageous position he sent to the side net.

The home team, however, entered the second half well and after two minutes he got into the lead. Coming in from the right, De Bruyne had a good opportunity to attack in the middle, but remembered their instructions to rather go for wing attacks. He was replaced by Frasera Forstera.

There was a ten minute period in which Citizens could definitely decide the game. Gabriel Jesus came to two big opportunities, but first he Unibet online betting free bets shot his shot at the side of the sanctuary, following the passage of Agüera with a great shot by the visiting goalkeeper.

Twenty minutes before the end, Van Dijk jumped to Betrand’s corner corner, but his attempt was too high. Five minutes later, however, Bertrand was sent to the penalty area by a crowded center that Delph ran, using Boufal and famously found Oriola Romeu, who fired the match to 1: 1.

Everton FC – West Ham United 4:0

Everton finally attributes the result he had been waiting for so long, Caramelka had completely destroyed the Hammers at his own stadium, and Wayne Rooney had a great deal of credit for it, which was a hat-trick.

The first important moment was played after 18 minutes of play – Sigurdsson had a good perpendicular to Calverta-Lewina, who was ahead of the goalkeeper before Joe Hart fouled and was ordered a penalty. Wayne Rooney stepped in and attempted to direct his way to where the English goalie jumped. The captain of the home team, however, was really lucky, the balloon bounced off just before him, and Rooney was able to get the first one.

Ten minutes later, Everton led two goals and scored a really precise combination. At the end, Jonjoe Kenny approached Rooney’s penalty kick, which hit exactly on the nearer pole and drew his whole victory as much as possible.

After the break, guests finally got to the word – first it was Cresswell, who had a shot at Pickford’s goal. After an hour of play, Hamilton gave a brilliant opportunity to get back into the game – Williams in the limelight of Sakha and was ordered a penalty. Lanzini stood there, but he could not overcome Pickford.

66 minutes into the game, Joe Hart nearly took the lead, but the shot glanced harmlessly off the frame of the goal. After 50 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Wayne Rooneyho to get through. The final result of the result was Sigurdsson’s corner stall, Williams, who finished the defeat of the guests and set a final 4-0 for Everton.

Iranian coach Queiroz after World Cup has again criticized the leadership of the union

Coach of Iran, Carlos Queiroz, after the Friday night of the main groups of the Moscow World Cup again criticized the lack of support of the national team by the union. He even asked the management to dismiss him if he did not like his opinion.

Iran next year in Russia in Group B will play with Portugal, Spain and Morocco. Due to heavy opponents, according to a former Real Madrid coach, the representation will require much greater support from the league to play a dignified role in the championship.

“Iran needs it and deserves a special preparation so that the fans can be proud and proud of it,” Queiroz said on facebook. “And I do not care if they threaten me or try to silence me, but it’s time for me to give my opinion, fans and players deserve full support,” he added.

A Portuguese-based 42-year-old coach has been annoyed by the leadership of the union a while ago, demanding greater financial and logistical support during the qualifiers from which Iran moved as the first Asian team. He will be playing for the fourth time in the tournament, but has always ended in the group. But Queiroz would like to change it.

“Los is very attractive, and Spain, Portugal and Morocco will be able to show players to deserve it, and I am convinced that we will succeed, we will fight and I can promise that fans will be able to be proud of each game after each match” added former assistant to Alex Ferguson in Manchester United.

Hertha BSC – Athletic Bilbao

Hertha Berlin will play the group stage of the European League for the first time since the 2009/2010 season. Then it reached between the thirty-three best. As well as Athletic – the team that currently defeats the fourth row of the table in the current season.

Even from this point of view, it should be an interesting confrontation, but the audience in the capital of Germany to return to the international scene and the resonant name of the opponent does not hear. It is expected that a maximum of 25,000 spectators will be at the Olympic Stadium. For comparison, the Sunday Bundesliga duel with Werder Bremen has doubled so much.

“I wish there were more fans, but I know from my work in Stuttgart that the European League is not so attractive to German spectators, I am very excited about this game, which should be a reward for all teams and I hope that we can move from the group, “said Captain Vedad Ibišević.

His supervisor, Pál Dárdai, who is also a record-breaking player in the Old Lady, both in the German Supercup and in the European Cups, said: “Bilbao has entered the season a little better than we do. a lot of experience, but we are certainly not without a chance. “Spanish football is different from the Bundesliga, and I believe it will be an interesting match.”

Hertha, which was not enough in the last year in front of the Danish Brondby Copenhagen, is still in the group with Swedish Östersunds and Zarja Luhanks from Ukraine. “As far as tradition is concerned, Athletic is definitely a favorite of the group, followed by Hertha, although you must never underestimate any rivals in European Cups, and I believe we will be able to surprise Athletic.” This will undoubtedly need to be the case when the team led by Cucem Zigandou still did not score a goal in La Liza, so FC Barcelona can boast in three rounds.

Zarja Luhansk – Östersunds FK

Group J should be a clear matter for Spanish Bilbao or Hertha Berlin. Luhansky Zarhi is not going to take the Swedish Östersunds too much. Their mutual duel will see the arena in Lvov due to the war events at Donbas.

First to home. Zarja Luhansk has long been a Unibet newcomer on the European scene. The club played the European League Group last year, when it made a treacherous precursor for the third time. True, he did not win in the Manchester United, Fenerbahce and Feyenoord, but the two points gained. Especially, Zarja is a little more experienced, and it could play with Östersunds.

For the first time, the Swedish team is the main Unibet group of the European League. As the winner of the Swedish Cup, he played the EL beforehand, but he did not remember any enthusiasts. At the beginning he was greatly eliminated by the Turkish Galatasaray to play Luxembourg’s Esch. The third obstacle on the way to the group was PAOK Thessaloniki. In Greece, Östersunds lost 1: 3, but in retaliation won 2: 0 and finished first-class sensation.

In home competitions the two teams are similar. Zarja is the seventh round and Östersunds sixth. On the other hand, the Swedish league is Unibet going to finish, and it looks like we will not see the Östersunds next year in Europe.

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Vitória SC Guimarães – Red Bull Salzburg

The number of matches in the European Cups is almost three times more experienced Salzburg at Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, where Vitória SC will welcome him, a team that dropped out of the pre-season of the European League after two losses with Austrian Altach.

The memories of Austria Salzburg at the time of its only Portuguese rival so far are more pleasant. When at the end of 1993 the UEFA Cup defeated Lisbon Sporting from the UEFA Cup, hopefully even its fans did not hope that their journey would end up with an unsuccessful final with Milan. Since the founding of the European League, Salzburg has already been one of the most exclusive brands in this league. Not only has he been appearing in the group for the seventh time, as the only team has twice mastered the autumn part without losing a point. Despite last year’s failure, when the final third place was decided only by a mutual duel with Krasnodar, the Austrian total counts as a favorite to advance.

Another friendly reunion with the Portuguese are the Salzburg youths who dominated the UEFA Youth League last year, following the progress of Manchester City, PSG, Atlético Madrid and Barcelona, ​​to make the final round of the final match with Benfica Lisbon. In the seven-year-old Cup, Hannes Wolf has already ranked fully in the senior squad this year, and in addition to three league goals, he also won the European League playoff and helped the Austrians advance to the core group via Viitorul Constanţa.

Against a team that has not won nine European matches in a row, Vitória SC will have three home defeats in a row, with seven games in a row without a victory. Nevertheless, her start to the new season is not great. After losing to the Superpohár with Benfica, between two league victories, she had to suffer a home defeat with Sporting, who scored five goals. However, the unfortunate slap of the Guimarães team, where their Thursday rival after arriving in Porta will have to take the bus, helped and kept the net in the next two rounds. The newest acquisition is set in the assault ranks, Junior Tallo, which has hosted the Italian and French teams from AS Rome since 2012 and has been unsuccessfully trying to win in Lille for the last two years.